Thursday, 31 March 2016

4 Steps To Buying Your Dream Home

It can take a long time to save up a sizable deposit for your new home. So when you are ready to invest your cash in a new place, you will want to make sure it is your ideal home. The houses we often think of as dream homes are usually popular with many other people as well. So to save yourself from being gazumped and missing out on your perfect house, you will need to act fast when you find a fantastic property. Fast buys are in everyone’s best interest. Here’s how to make sure everything goes without a hitch.

Know Your Options

You’ve got enough for the deposit in your bank. So that is all sorted. But where do you find the rest of the money from? Unless you are a cash buyer, you will most likely have to arrange a mortgage. Mortgages are loans that cover the cost of a house. You then pay off your mortgage in monthly installments. It can take many years to clear a mortgage, so some people are not so keen on taking on out. If you are one about them, you may be expected to have all the cash needed for the property straight away.

Get The Pros In

Before you sign on the dotted line, you will need to get surveyors in to check out the property. They will be able to see if any work and maintenance needs carrying out. There are three types of surveys you can carry out: a home buyer’s report, a condition report, and a building survey. You don’t need to have all three done; just one will be enough. Whichever one you choose, depends on how much depth you want to go into.


Once you have found your new property, it is important to inform your solicitors that you will be purchasing a house soon. This way, they will be ready to start the process when you are. Property sales are often held up because of slow lawyers, so give yours plenty of warning! You will need to deal with conveyancy solicitors, who specialise in property sales.

Sort Out Insurance

Another thing to sort out just before you sign for your new home is to check insurances for the property. You shouldn’t buy a policy until you know the property is officially yours. However, check in with some different insurance firms to see the kind of price you will be paying for building and contents insurance. Then you will get an idea of what you should be budgeting for an insurance policy. If prices sound high, check to see what the average insurance price is for your area. If the house is in a rough area that is affected by a lot of crime, insurance could be quite costly.

When you are starting to think about buying a new home, remember that these four important steps will need to be carried out during the whole process. The earlier you can arrange them, the sooner the property will be yours!

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