Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Tips To Keep Your Relationship Fresh

Whether it's Valentine's day or not, every relationship needs a shot of something special. That could just be on the fourteenth of February, but the fact is that it can and should happen anytime! Every relationship from friendships to star crossed lovers needs work and oxygen to stay alive and fresh. Why not use this time of year to give your relationship a service and make sure that you are both doing enough for each other? Here are a few thoughts on how that might happen.

Don't stop being yourself.

It’s easy to want to please the other in a relationship. It can be tempting to give up the things that made you unique and even interesting. One of the first and early casualties can be friendships outside that relationship. This is a real pity, not least for those who are outside the cosy duo! Make sure you leave time for your friends, no matter how ‘loved up’ you are being and feeling. It can be good to encourage the same in your other half. The more the pair of you bring to a relationship, the more interesting to each other you will be. The same goes for your hobbies and interests. Don't give up on things that you enjoyed before you were a partnership. They were a part of you too and made you the person that you are.

Make time for each other.

All of above is true, but you still have the put the significant other in front. It can be difficult and challenging as work commitments grow and the needs of others intrude. But to keep a relationship alive you must give it space. Book yourselves time when there is no one else around. Do things together, even if they are the simple day to day things that may not seem glamorous. Just make time to have a cup of coffee. Any relationship thrives on communication. Keeping interested in each other will not just happen on its own. It is something you must develop and cultivate.

Treat yourselves

Take the need to spend some time together into more sumptuous waters. Valentine’s Day can be a great excuse. It’s always a delight to surprise the other partner. The fact is there are great ideas everywhere that you might not have thought of, and everyone could use a little inspiration. Guys can be really bad at this. You might need to drop hints and give advice for good places to look for special gifts. There are gifts for her at Cuckooland and a great selection for him as well.

Go for a real outing treat. Book a weekend at a fabulous hotel or even fly off on a mini break to new city where you can just be yourselves and get lost together. It’s funny how going to a new place with a special someone gives you permission to own that space and memory.

Take up a shared activity.

This can be a great way to branch out as a couple. Find something that holds attractions for both of you. You could enter new territory by trying out one suggestion each. Having to learn new things and discover more about each other will keep that sense of growth alive.

Each day is Valentine's day might be pushing it, but keeping it fresh is sound advice for any relationship all of the time.

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