Friday, 19 February 2016

My Winter Wardrobe Must-haves

It is so important for me to keep warm during the winter. Wearing the right clothing helps me to feel good and keeps any winter illnesses at bay. I also love being fashionable during the winter time and my favourite way to do that is by layering all my warmest items. Here is my selection of winter wardrobe must-haves:

Thermal Tights:

These are something that I have in my wardrobe no matter what. They are so stylish but also practical. You can wear them as a fashion statement on their own or wear them under your favourite jeans for added warmth. Thermal tights help me stay warm during the winter even if I wear my shortest skirt. I always choose the best quality tights to make sure they last a long time. Tights famously get holes in the toes but I choose ones that don’t. They are SO warm.

Thick Socks:

During the winter, having the right socks can mean the difference between being miserable or really enjoying the snow! You can get so many different types but I love expressing myself with lots of different, bright colours. Before the winter hits I make sure I stock up on plenty of thick, warm socks because I always end up losing them! Tip: I like to organise my sock drawer before it gets too cold. I take out all of my thin summer socks and fill the drawer with all my most cosy socks. I always get my socks online because there is so much choice.

Cosy Scarves:

At the moment I am wearing my scarf all day everyday! There is something about a thick scarf that makes me feel so cosy and happy. I just LOVE scarves from. They are my absolute favourite. Not only are they so soft but they are also really big so I feel like I’d wrapped in a blanket all day. They also jazz up any boring outfit. I especially love floral patterned scarves, they are so chic and elegant but warmer than my other less fashionable scarves. This website has really great ideas for styling your scarves.

Thick jumpers:

Thick jumpers are a lifesaver during the winter. I have so many jumpers but my all time favourite is a beautiful, Aran sweater from I love the intricate, knitted pattern on these sweaters. They also have jumpers that have a thick turtleneck which keeps my neck so warm! When I wear it I feel so cosy but it is also so on trend and fashionable at the moment. They have so much choice on their website and are such a great price for the quality of the wool.

Ear Muffs:

I always get such cold ears during the winter. Ear muffs are my favourite way to keep my ears toasty and warm. I think they are such a cute fashion accessory and remind me of when I was a kid. They instantly warm me up and I’ll never leave the house without my favourite pair. Trust me they are AMAZING! These would also make such a perfect Christmas gift for a loved one. They are the softest things in the world.


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