Monday, 29 February 2016

How to Plan the Perfect Retro Wedding

Retro weddings are a brilliant alternative wedding style to go for. If you absolutely love all things vintage, retro, and eras gone by, then a retro wedding could be for you! Even if you aren’t too familiar with retro weddings but can’t stand the thought of a traditional wedding, a wedding like this could be a great option. Planning the perfect retro wedding isn’t always easy, which is why I thought I’d help you with this guide. Enjoy!

Decide on Your Era

There are plenty of eras you can choose from if you’re going for a vintage style wedding. You could go for a wedding reminiscent of the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s - whatever speaks to you most and makes you think ‘wow!’. You can get a good idea of the era you like best by reading books, watching TV and film, looking at art, etc. You can go as vintage as you like. You could go full on vintage with vintage invites, outfits, and even asking your guests to dress up in vintage attire. Or you could simply have a few well placed items to hint towards the era you like best.

Your Invitations

Dressfashion Black Prom Dresses You can start setting the tone of your era with your guests by sending out Paper Themes classic and vintage wedding invitations. The invitations are the first taster your guests will get of your wedding day, so make sure it counts! You should include all important information on the invitations, obviously, but make sure the style sets the tone for the day too. It’s like giving a clue to your guests!


Your Ceremony and Reception

The ceremony venue and reception venue can be two different venues, or you can hold them in the same place. The venue will play a big part in just how retro your wedding feels. You can decorate yourself of course, but it will still give off a certain ‘feel’ on the day. Does your chosen venue ‘feel’ retro enough for your chosen era? If not, how will you amend that? You can easily decorate a hall or hotel to look retro.

Material and Colours

Research the materials and colours that were popular during your chosen era to make sure everything flows smoothly. Including pale pinks and lace materials might be fine for one era, but may not work at all with another. This is why doing your research is essential if you want everything to be true to the era you’ve gone for. Then again, you can easily mix things up if you prefer. There’s no need to get it all perfect as long as it suits you!

The Dress

All eyes are going to be on you on your big day. Choosing a dress that not only looks great on you but goes with your chosen theme is a must. You could even choose a real vintage frock and have it altered! If that’s not for you, you do have the option to purchase an unusual style dress from a dressmaker. Don’t forget to continue the theme with your accessories either. You jewellery, flowers, veil/tiara, and other elements should all go with your chosen era too.

The Drinks and Menu

Don’t stop planning your vintage wedding at the dress - what about your drinks and food menu? Make sure you continue the theme throughout for consistency. Serve cocktails and alcoholic beverages that were popular back then. You could even ask your grandparents for advice on this!

Vintage Favours

Give out vintage favours so that your guests have a lovely souvenir from the day. They don’t need to be expensive; you could simply give out vintage seed packets if you’re trying to save a little money. Alternatively, you could give out homemade jam, pretty bottles, and other vintage bits and bobs. If you’re on a budget, some people choose to forget the favours altogether. Favours are just another thing that can help to set the tone!  

Remember, although you do want your wedding day to be fairly consistent, there are no real rules. If you like something, then you should use it! You don’t need a massive knowledge of vintage or vintage weddings to have a successful one. You don’t need to be a professional antique dealer or vintage clothes seller. Just about anybody can have a vintage wedding, and the great thing is, they can plan it to suit them and their personality. Are you ready to plan the perfect vintage wedding for you? Use these tips and you’ll have the best retro day of your life!

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