Monday, 15 February 2016

How To Discover Your New Dream Home


Gone are the days when house hunting had to be done in the back of tatty old newspapers and by word of mouth. Thank goodness for the internet. Nowadays, you can browse all of your preferred areas and available properties from your own sofa. When it comes to choosing who to buy with, do a bit of research. If you are looking exclusively for new builds, someone like Linden homes could be great. If you would prefer something older with more character, local estate agents are usually best. While you’re selecting the homes you want to go and view ask yourself these questions too.
Apply to Location, Location, Location
Who doesn’t love Kirsty and Phil! If you can stomach the thought of being on TV, consider applying to Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location. The show’s researchers and staff have great connections, and they are often seen getting into properties that haven’t even hit the market yet. They also have a real knack of sweet-talking the home owners and estate agents. If you’re first-timer buyers, having somebody to hold your hand through the process could be really valuable. Fancy it? The application form is right here.
Take your time

While you need to be decisive when you buy a home, buying in a rush can leave you open to all sorts of problems. Firstly, it can mean you are prone to making rash decisions that you might regret further down the line. Secondly, you might also overspend on your new home or undersell your old one.

Taking your time is a luxury for some. Perhaps you have a new job, or a baby on the way. But if you can take the house-hunt a little slower then do. It could be that your perfect home is coming on the market in just three weeks time, but you don’t know it yet. If you can be patient, you might well find that the ideal new home drops into your lap. You could then be moved in and fixing up your new home in no time! Well, one can wish….

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