Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Gift Ideas With A Touch Of Luxury

Need a gift with a luxurious touch, or maybe even an element of personalisation? These suggestions will suit a range of budgets and tastes!

Personalised Leather Engraving
While a very personal and luxurious option, leather engraving is a gift solution that doesn’t have to break the bank! If you go for a smaller item, like a key-ring, prices can start from as low as £25. Oliver Sweeney of London has an in-house tattoo artist dedicated to engraving any of their items with a message, quote or image. You can pick whatever you like as long as it will fit on the product! It is even done the same way a real tattoo on human skin would be applied. This service can be done on items like leather shoes, hip flasks or bags. If you can’t get to Oliver Sweeney, you may find that your local cobblers offer this service.

A Favourite Item, Gold Plated
For the best service for plating gold, be sure to call in the professionals. Not only does it make a gift far more personal, it truly is a luxurious gift. While it is not the cheapest service, it is far less costly than some alternatives. Take an iPhone for example. The gold-plated iPhone costs a small fortune to buy. However, getting it plated through an independent retailer will be far more affordable. You might also be quite surprised about the turnaround time. Some companies offer as little as three days start to finish. Send the phone off on the Monday and it’ll be back well before weekend parties and celebrations begin!


A Piece Of Fine Jewellery
Of course buying jewellery has to be on this list! But where to begin? One suggestion is to head to a reliable, luxurious brand name and chose from their selection. That way you know whatever you choose will be a winner. If you can get yourself to London, Harrods is a good place to do this. Otherwise, a lovely high-street jewellery store will do just fine. Do set a budget before you begin looking, though, or you might find yourself getting carried away. Also, let your salesperson know about the budget and ask them to only show items below it. Alternatively, pick your piece online. That way you stay in control and can take all the time you want.

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia
Arguably the best hot air ballooning spot in the whole world, Cappadocia in Turkey is truly a sight to behold! Look at one image and you’ll instantly see why! If you’ve got the cash to spend, this is sure to really impress. The experts down on the ground over there- or should we say up in the air- give two months that rides are likely to be cancelled. These are January and February. Instead, it is suggested you try and arrange any flights between April and October. This is when the weather is the best behaved and the views are the clearest. This company have been recommended by Elite Traveller magazine. For added luxury, upgrade the package to include a bottle of champagne.


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