Monday, 1 February 2016

3 Easy DIY Coffee Drinks Ideas!

Coffee is a great drink to have if you’re in need of a quick pick me up. It’s a morning favourite for people up and down the country. Everyone loves the smell of it too, it’s so aromatic and enjoyable to smell. Plus, it tastes great too. If you love coffee, but are bored of the same old drink over and over again, then you’re in for a treat. I’ve got a selection of coffee drink ideas that will blow your mind and satisfy your taste buds!

Iced Caffe Latte

The only downside to a regular cup of coffee is that it’s hot. And, sometimes, you want to enjoy a cold drink instead. Well, with my first drink, you can enjoy a cold drink while having the taste of coffee too! This iced caffe latte is incredibly simple and can be created in under twenty minutes. First, brew your coffee in a coffee maker using cold water. Any coffee will do, instant or ground are both fine. Once your coffee is brewed, you add some condensed milk to give it a bit of sweetness. Stir until everything is combined and add some ice cubes for an extra fresh flavour. Perfection in a matter of minutes!

Espresso Martini

My next recipe is for people that want to give themselves an extra special treat. It’s an alcoholic cocktail, with a coffee twist. The first step is getting a coffee flavoured liqueur. Anyone will do, but it helps if it’s high-quality stuff. Then, get yourself a bottle of quality vodka ready as well. For the coffee itself, you’ll want to make some espresso. You can find espresso makers by La Marzocco and other coffee brands if you don’t already have one. Once you’ve made it, add a shot of espresso to a shot of vodka and one and a half shots of coffee liqueur. Shake all the ingredients up in a cocktail mixer and pour into a martini glass. An ideal drink to make when you’re entertaining guests, or have had a really long week!

Caffe Mocha

My final drink idea combines two things that everyone loves; coffee and chocolate. These two flavours go together so well and cause a taste sensation in your mouth. To make your caffe mocha, you first have to heat some milk. Heat the milk in a microwave until it starts to steam. Then, whip it up till it’s nice and foamy. While you’re doing this you could have a pot of coffee brewing too. Next, pour some chocolate flavour coffee syrup into a cup and heat slightly. Then, add the coffee and stir. Once stirred, it’s time to add your foamy milk to the drink. If you want, top the concoction off with some whipped cream and a drizzle of the chocolate syrup. A naughty drink that’s ever so moreish!

These three drinks are so simple to make and taste delicious! If you love coffee and want to try something different, give these recipes a go. All of them will take less than half an hour max to create!

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