Thursday, 14 January 2016

Make the most of your beauty sleep

We all know that true beauty comes from the inside. Of course great products can help. But that is more about enhancing our natural features! No matter how much style and makeup we apply there is no disguising that a healthy lifestyle will give you a head start in looking good and feeling great. That lifestyle will be based on three main things. Exercise, diet and getting a good night's sleep. So here are a few tips on maximising the quality of your beauty sleep.

Eat and drink well and sensibly

Maybe the best thing you can do to ensure a good night’s rest is to make sure that you are eating well and drinking sensibly. That means not eating large meals late in the evening. It means cutting back on high fat and late night takeaway food. Instead focus on light meals taken a few hours before your bedtime. If it is possible try and have your main meal earlier in the day. That way you won't be getting too hungry in the evening and you will be giving your body time to digest your food.

Drinking coffee and alcohol can give you a restless night. Try and avoid caffeine in the evening and limit your intake during the day. Sadly this is not just about coffee. Tea can have just as much caffeine, and energy drinks can send your sugar and caffeine levels through the roof. Get into the habit of sipping a chamomile tea! Drinking plenty of water will not only keep you hydrated it will also help your skin feel and look young.

Make your bedroom a sleepy sanctuary

Your bedroom should be all about sleep and your quiet time. Make sure that you are sleeping on a firm and comfortable bed that is right for you. Getting the mattress right is vital. John Ryan by Design King size latex mattresses can give you the best night’s sleep you ever had. It is well worth investing in a quality product. Your mattress will last you for years and it really is a vital aspect in terms of sleeping well. You’ll also need to make sure that you have the right pillows to help prevent neck problems.

A room that is too hot or too cold can have an adverse affect on the quality of your sleep. Try and make sure that you have a good set of curtains or blinds to block out any light. Avoid distractions, such as tablets, phones and TV’s. It is better not to have these in the bedroom if you can avoid it. If not try and allow yourself some down time before you go to sleep, so you can switch off and start to relax. Keep a flow of fresh air flowing through your room if you can.

Exercise well

Ensuring that you get a good stretch and aerobic workout can go a long way to encouraging a good night's sleep. Exercise helps to get rid of the effects of tension, which is caused by stress in our bodies. Even going for a good walk in the evening will help you unwind and prepare for sleep. Practices such as Yoga are great both in the morning to wake up but also yoga can be a relaxing and restorative way of winding down.

Ultimately a good night's sleep will help you function better, as well as keeping you looking and feeling great. Your eyes will sparkle and your skin will feel and look more supple. Now your job is just to enhance that - a job that will be made much easier with your beauty sleep intact.

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