Friday, 29 January 2016

Have The Best Girl's Night In With These Fun Ideas

You don’t always have to go out to have a good time with your best friends. Sometimes it’s just as fun to stay in. You can relax, save yourself some money and not have to worry about getting home. It’s also good for your body to have a break after consecutive nights out on the town. So why not plan a memorable girl’s night out that you and your best girlfriends can enjoy with these fun ideas.

Craft night

Why not make your girl’s night in full of mini craft projects. This will help you and your best friends unleash your creative sides. You could make jewellery, create a scrapbook, jazz up some old clothing or learn how to knit. There are so many possibilities you could choose from so choose carefully. You don’t want to suggest something that is too difficult for everyone to learn or make. Look on Craftsy and Pinterest for inspiration or use Youtube tutorials to help you. Create a craft area in your home and make sure you have all the supplies you need before your guests arrive. Create a playlist of songs you all like and have this playing while you all make. This will encourage a motivated and positive atmosphere and make the activities more enjoyable.

Tarot card reading

Having a tarot card reading is a fun experience that everyone can get involved in.  You can get a free tarot card reading online and take it in turns to find out what the year ahead has in store for you. It will be interesting finding out what the cards predict for each of your friends. Plus it will give you all some insight and perspective on your love lives, careers and personalities. Even if you aren’t the biggest believers in the readings, it will make a unique night in activity. Encourage everyone to bring their favourite PJs and slippers to make it a laid back and casual.  Also, remember to make sure everyone knows what their star sign is before you begin.


If you and your friends love makeup, why not hold a makeover night. You can each take it in turns to create a look using makeup and hairstyles you wouldn’t normally choose. Doing this could help you and your friends discover new styles, learn new techniques and be more adventurous. You could follow makeup tutorials and help each other create new styles and looks. Another great idea for your night in could be a beauty product swap. This is where you can exchange a product such as a summer lipstick you don’t use for one your friend has. Resulting in you both having more products you will actually use. Buy plenty of makeup remover and cotton pads beforehand so you can do as many makeovers as you like on each other.

Why not make your girl’s night in a regular thing that you do each week. You could alternate whose hosts it and change the theme each time. Make sure it’s plenty of fun and don’t forget to prepare plenty of snacks and drinks.

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