Monday, 14 December 2015

4 beauty gifts she's desperate for the Christamas

Beauty products have always been popular gifts to give at Christmas. They can make whoever you give them to feel great and help them love the skin they’re in. But how can you possibly find something when there is so much choice out there? Use this gift guide to help you find quality products that she is secretly hoping you will buy for her this year.

Makeup brushes

Help her become a pro at applying her makeup with some new brushes. These tools need to be perfect and help her achieve both her every day and evening look. Again, look for reputable names such as MAC to find brushes that are highly recommended. Again it might be worth reading other women’s reviews on the products before buying and looking to see what brushes she already has if you can. That way you can help add to her collection rather than duplicating. But like mirrors, we can never have too many brushes.


While skin care is often a very personal item to buy, why not buy her a top quality bb cream for her Christmas gift? Or a moisturising cleanser? These will help her get a flawless complexion and provide her skin with a fresh sensation. Ask for help at a beauty counter and always take a picture of your Mom, wife or girlfriend with you. This will make it easier for them to help you find the right product to suit her complexion and skin type. Make this gift, even more, special by filling a box with skincare items and anything she might need for a pampering session. This could include a dressing gown, cotton wool and makeup wipes for instance.

Eye Makeup Palette

Eye makeup is something most women cannot do without. For Christmas, an eye makeup palette is a wonderful gift and is something she is guaranteed to use often. Go for top beauty names such as Charlotte Tilbury, Nars or Urban Decay to find on-trend colours that she will love. There will be plenty to choose from, and some will be better than others. Think about what colours she usually wears to help you find a suitable one and also look at YouTube reviews to see what other women recommend.

Illuminating Mirror

If you’re worried about getting the woman in your life something like makeup or skincare, why not go for something useful instead. Women always need mirrors, and we can never have too many. Instead of buying her a standard compact mirror for her handbag, Why not make it that extra bit special by purchasing her an illuminating mirror. This will not only look great on her makeup table but will also help apply her makeup more accurately. The additional light will make it easier to see every part of her face clearly so she can create that flawless look each time.

So avoid the Christmas smellies and makeup sets and buy her something she really wants this Christmas. Always remember quality is better than quantity. She will thank you for spending your money so wisely on fantastic products that are guaranteed to help her look and feel fabulous.

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