Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Top Tips For Keeping Your Legs Looking Amazing Over Winter

Keeping your legs looking fabulous should be a priority throughout the year, but it’s easy to forget about them once winter is here. With the colder weather creeping in, it’s easier to just cover them with jeans and tights. But just because the temperature has dropped does not mean we should neglect our pins. Follow these tips and you’ll have fantastic looking legs throughout the winter and beyond.

Moisturise your legs

The cold wind can cause our skin to dry out and become chapped. We should be using a deeply nourishing moisturiser at least twice a day to keep our legs soft and supple. Use after a bath or shower to open up the pores in your skin. This will allow your skin to soak up the moisturiser more efficiently and optimises its use. Shins in particular are likely to feel the effects of the winter weather so pay close attention to these areas when applying your product. Also remember to moisturise your feet as they will also feel the effects of the cold.

Treat your legs

On top of moisturising our legs, we should also be treating our legs to frequent exfoliating. This process will remove dead and hard skin and keep our legs looking clean and healthy. You can find some wonderful exfoliating products in your local high street. To give your legs some TLC you can also invest in laser hair removal. Saving can cause rashes and irritation to the skin, which makes your legs more vulnerable. These irritations can take a while to heal and can get worse when rubbed by your clothing. Laser hair removal safely and gently removes the hair and give you smoother legs for longer.

Why not also treat your legs to a winter spray tan. Your legs will make it look like you’ve spent a week on an exotic beach when really you’ve been at home. Nothing makes legs look healthier than a glowing tan. If applying yourself, remember to exfoliate thoroughly beforehand and to apply a layer at a time. You don’t want to have orange legs! If you’re not sure about tanning, try out a leg spray instead. This will apply a light layer of colour to your legs and can be easily washed off.

Exercise your legs

Just because it’s cold and raining outside does not mean that you can get your legs looking their best. Turn your living room or bedroom into a mini gym. You can find great tutorials online that will allow you to workout from home. If you start a great exercise regime now, your legs will look great for your summer holidays next year. Your legs will become beautifully toned in no time at all. Why not also try out some new outdoor activities too like ice skating. You could go on weekly walk around the countryside. All of these activities will help keep your legs looking wonderful and maintain their new shape.

Our legs are an important part of our body and it’s vital that we don’t forget about looking after them. Take care of them and they will look fabulous forever.

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