Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My Guide To Loving The Skin Your In

Some would say that loving the skin you’re in is easier said than done. However, anybody can do it providing they have the right mindset. Don’t get me wrong; it can be difficult. Especially if you’ve spent your whole life not really liking yourself that much. Use the following tips and you’ll soon start to change your tune!

Love Yourself Sooner Rather Than Later

Instead of thinking to yourself, ‘I’ll be happy when I’m this weight’, or, ‘I’ll love myself when I look like this’, love yourself now. Loving yourself sooner rather than later is a must. Having a, ‘I hate myself’ mentally never got anybody very far in life. In fact, that kind of mentality will likely get you into bad habits. The more you love and embrace yourself now, the better you’ll feel and look later on. Kind thoughts really do work. Speak to yourself as if you were a friend.

Use Products That You Love

Use products that you love to use on your skin. Just make sure they suit your skin and you’re good to go. Whether something feels extra nice or smells delicious doesn’t matter, use them because you love them. Click here to find out more about the products you should have in your beauty cabinet. Even something like a nice hand wash can make a huge difference to your mood.


Treat Yourself

Why not treat yourself from time to time? You probably treat other people. Why not yourself? Many people have the mentality that they don’t deserve it, or that it’s a waste of money if they are only doing it for themselves, but this isn’t the case. You need to eliminate those negative thinking patterns from your mind. You do deserve these things. You worked hard for your money. You deserve anything and everything you want. Whether it’s a fancy lipstick or a designer item of clothing, if you can afford it and you want it, treat yourself.

See Yourself as a Whole

It can be easy to focus on ‘imperfections’ and things you don’t like about yourself. You can zoom in on them until they consume you and you don’t feel like you like yourself at all. Instead of doing that, be mindful of seeing yourself as a whole. Focus on things you do like too. Other people see you as a whole, not as one imperfection.

Don’t Complain - Do Something About it

If you’re upset about something, like you’re weight, do something about it. Don’t force everybody to listen to you complaining only to do absolutely nothing about it. Take the steps to make yourself look and feel better. It’s only you who can! Don’t expect anybody to push you to do it or do it for you. You’re the only one who has the power.

Use these tips regularly and you’ll soon start to love the skin you’re in. You’re the only one who has to be with you forever, so make sure you love yourself. Nobody else will if you don’t!

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  1. Excellent tips! Thank you for sharing them!! :))