Thursday, 8 October 2015

How To Get Flawless Makeup Without Fail

Flawless makeup is a must in this day and age. What with all of the high definition cameras, even on an iPhone, if your makeup is anything less than flawless then people are going to be able to tell. The following tips will help you to achieve that flawless makeup look, so you can pose for pictures without a hint of anxiety!

Do Your Makeup in Natural Light

Natural light is the key to getting flawless makeup. Many people don’t realise that if you do your makeup in natural light, then your makeup will look good in any light you enter afterwards. If you do it in artificial light, it might not look amazing when you step into a different light. Lighting makes all the difference when it comes to your makeup.

Prep Your Skin First

Prepping the skin will help to give your makeup an overall better look once you’ve completed your makeup look. Focus on your skin first, and amazing makeup will come more naturally. Make sure you cleanse, tone, and moisturise. Not just on the day of application either, but regularly! Right before you apply your makeup, you can also apply a primer. This will help your foundation to look even better, and hold it there for longer. Just be sure you give your moisturizer a chance to sink in, or your makeup could slide off your face.

Use a Wet Sponge for Your Foundation

Now when you apply your foundation, you need to use the right tools. It’s down to whatever you feel most comfortable with, but personally I like a wet sponge. There are a couple of really popular sponges on the market that work wonders for foundation! It shouldn’t be soaking wet; just damp enough that it helps to blend out your foundation to perfection. The Delamar Academy teaches all kinds of cool tips and tricks like this.

Make Sure Your Shades Match

The worst thing you can do is start using makeup that doesn’t match your skin tone. Even if you blend really well, people are going to be able to tell that it isn’t right. Have your shades matched by somebody at a beauty counter if you’re not sure.

Apply Makeup Strategically

You may already know this, but there are some strategic ways to apply your makeup and make it look perfect. Contouring for example, is a great way to make the most of your natural face shape and enhance your best features. You can shade and highlight to create cheekbones, a slimmer nose, and more defined brows. It really is like magic!

Blend Lots

Finally, blending is the key to achieving that perfect look. Make sure you blend using your fingers, sponges, and brushes to get the best result possible. Blend all around the hairline, jawline, and other telltale areas.

Ready to get that flawless makeup look you’ve been dreaming of? Use these tips in this guide and you won’t be disappointed. Leave some of your own tips below, I’d love to hear them. Bye for now!

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