Sunday, 2 August 2015

My Puppy | Update

I'm sure all of you know by now in January I got a new puppy, Poppy. As promised in my previous post here is my Poppy update.

Poppy, Puppy

She is now 7 months old (8 months on 5th August 2015) and her personality has really shone. She is bubbly and bright. She loves her treats, going for walks, playtime and naps.
Over the past 6 months she has been groomed many times at dog one Liverpool. She loves Ryan and Leanne, they are like her second family and they are always really helpful and make all of the dogs feel right at home, showing them lots of love and attention. She also got spayed a few weeks ago and has now fully recovered. I chose to get Poppy spayed as this reduces or eliminates a lot of future health problems in dogs, including cancer. My vet advised me to get her spayed before her first season if possible, which is what I did. As you can see in these images Poppy has also grown quite a bit. 

Shichon puppy

Shichon puppy


I hope you enjoyed my update on Poppy. Please leave me links to posts about your pets.

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