Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How To Put Life Back Into Your Skin And Hair

How To Put Life Back Into Your Skin And Hair

* Most women who are beauty fanatics have a routine that they follow on a daily basis. I know I do, and I couldn't live without my favourite products. But even when you have a regime to follow, you can sometimes let yourself go. Life can get on top of you, and you don't have time for regular care of your hair and skin. And sometimes you have problems that take more than daily practices to correct. For example, if your skin is sun damaged, you won't fix it by moisturising every day. If you looked at yourself this summer and weren't happy with what you saw, try my recommended rescues to get the body you want.


If you're not taking care of your hair, it can do all sorts of damage. You can look up one day, and your hair is too dry or too oily, limp or frizzy. You can save it, though, even if you can't remember when it was last a texture and volume that you liked. The trick is to work with your natural hair, instead of trying to wrangle it into submission with too many products. First, you should have a hair rescue remedy to help set it straight. If it's dry and frizzy, try a hot oil treatment to put some moisture back into it. Changing your products could help you so that they're suitable for your type of hair.


Your skin can go downhill if you don't look after it, especially on your face. But there are lots of treatments you can use to fix it. Whether you have sun damaged skin, acne scars or open pores, you can find a treatment that's suitable. If you visit your nearest skin rejuvenation clinic, they will offer everything from laser treatments to facials. You could try a chemical peel, IPL, and a variety of other treatments. Do some research or talk to a beauty therapist and they can recommend the best procedures.


Your hands may be covered with skin, but you need to pay them special attention. Your palms, nails and nail beds can all look a little worse for wear. If you do a job that requires you to use your hands a lot or perhaps get them wet, it can be hard to keep them soft and smooth. Have a manicure to help rescue them so that you can moisturise them deeply. Once you've had a quick rescue treatment, you can start taking better care of them. Find a favourite hand cream and use products to keep your cuticles in shape and nails healthy too.


Are you shy about getting your feet out in the summer? You can't stop them from developing hard skin and the like. We need them to walk on, after all. But if they're looking dry and unsightly, you can treat them right to get softer feet. There are lots of methods for dealing with hard skin, from pumice stones to micro pedi devices. Get a pedicure to treat your feet right, and then keep them soft and smooth by moisturising.

If your skin and hair need rescuing, there are lots of remedies you can try to set things to rights. You'll be looking and feeling better in no time at all.

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