Monday, 13 July 2015

United Beauty Gel Topcoat Starter Kit | Review

* I have never had the perfect nails; long,strong and 'lush'. Instead mine are short, weak and dull. Being a nail nibbler certainly doesn't help my situation. I am always trying hard to break this terrible habit, however, having crappy nails like mine it isn't easy. So when I heard about this gel top coat I couldn't wait to put it to the test. I hoped this gel topcoat would make my natural nails stronger (without causing damage), making them easier to grow.

United Beauty Gel Topcoat Starter Kit Review

The claims

' Applied like a topcoat. 
Goes over any nail polish.
Dazzingly high shine.
Chip resistant.
Lasts up to 10 days.
Easy on/easy off
No damage to nail.'

  • Paint on your favourite nail polish. If the nails are already polished clean with cleansing wipe.
  • Wait until thoroughly dry (20-30 mins).
  • Apply clear geltouch. Place under LED lamp for 60 seconds.
  • Wipe with cleansing wipe to finish.
United Beauty Gel Topcoat Starter Kit | Review

This kit contains
  • Gel topcoat
  • LED lamp
  • UK power cable
  • Cleansing wipes.

United Beauty Gel Topcoat Starter Kit | Review


I have to be honest, after my first time using this product I wasn't impressed. The next day I could peel all of my nail polish off in one swoop. Now this may be because I am a little picker when it comes to my nails but I wouldn't expect this to happen.
I have used this about 4 times now and I have finally got it right. No more peeling or chipping of nail polish. My tips are; only apply a thin layer of the gel topcoat and secondly, when I place my hands under the LED lamp, I do my 4 fingers for 60 seconds and the my thumb for 60 seconds. I do them separately to ensure each nail gets ample use of the LED light to cure them properly.
My nails are now perfectly polished until I decide to re-do them (usually once a week) and they feel stronger which means my nails are growing, yay! The gel top coat is also very easy to remove. There is no need to soak them off for hours, I simply remove it as I would any other nail polish.
To sum-it-up I love this little kit and I will definitely be re-purchasing the topcoat in the future. Instead of purchasing gel polishes at (roughly) £15 a pop, simply apply this 'magic' topcoat to any of your favourite polishes; what's not to love?! 

 United Beauty Gel Topcoat Starter Kit | Review

This kit will be available from Debenhams from July 2015.

Will you be trying this topcoat? Have you tried any other similar products? Let me know.


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