Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Coronation Street Tour | Lifestyle

On the 3rd July it was my 28th Birthday (I know I'm getting old). As a surprise present my fiance bought us both tickets to see the Coronation Street tour. Unfortunately my fiance injured his foot/ankle in work so was unable to join me. Instead my mum had his ticket and accompanied me on the tour.

The tour started at 9am and because we was travelling from Liverpool to Manchester we had an early start. We got a train from Liverpool to Piccadilly then a free shuttle bus to the old Granada studios. The tour started on the old sets of corrie which included Carla's old flat, the Platt's house and of course the Rovers Return. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take any photographs of the indoor sets, however, we did have an opportunity to have a photo taken behind the Rovers to purchase later if we wished. We was allowed to take as many pictures as we liked of the actual Coronation Street. 

Street cars Coronation Street

Rovers Return Coronation Street

Audrey's Coronation Street

The kabin Coronation Street

Coronation Street tour

The whole tour lasted about an hour and a half and we both had an amazing day. We found it really interesting to see how the famous soap is made and how all of the sets look compared to on the TV.

Tickets are available at Ticketmaster until 31st December 2015. 
£17.00 each.

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