Monday, 6 April 2015

My Top Five Youtubers

My Top Five Youtubers

Youtube is one of my favourite pas times to help cure my boredom. I love checking up on my favourite beauty gurus' videos for inspiration, tutorials, reviews and vlogs. I've never written a post sharing my fave guru's before and I think these lovelies deserve a shout-out.

Lavitadimeg/ ciaoobelllaxo
Megan has two Youtube channels, one for vlogs and the other is her beauty channel. She is from the USA and she is a really lovely, sweet girl ho I can relate to a lot. She gets a lot of haters on her Youtube channels and I don't understand why ( except jealousy).

Missbudgetbeauty/ Diaryofaspendaholic
Mikila, again, is such a sweetie. Her videos are amazing I think her reviews are always 100% honest and in-depth. I have tweeted her a few times and she always replies which I think is a great plus, especially with her bus schedule. She also has two channels and is from the UK.

Alex is also from the UK and I love her channel for amazing hair tutorials. She's only 17 (on date of publish) and amazingly talented. I just wish I had hair as lush as hers. She is also really sweet and friendly, she always replies to any tweets I send her and responds to any questions I ask.

Avia, again, is a UK Youtuber. I really love her videos, she speaks about topics different to other Youtubers and explains everything really well. My favourite videos of hers are her empties and favourites and I often find myself purchasing the products she raves about.

This is a recent discovery for me. Her channel popped up on my 'what to watch' feed and I fell i love straight away. I love that she's different and embraces it. Her personality is amazing! She is so funny and her videos are really helpful, especially her hair videos. 

Please check out all of these fabulous Youtubers and spread some love. What are your fave Youtube guru's? Let me know so I can check them out! 

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