Sunday, 12 April 2015

Coconut Oil Benefits And Uses | Beauty

I'm sure everyone has already heard all the hype surrounding coconut oil. This has to be number one natural 'wonder product' and I wanted to share with you its benefits and uses.

Coconut Oil


For hair
Helps to prevent hair loss.
Improves the condition of your hair.
Helps irritated scalp/ scalp conditions (like; dry/flaky scalp, dandruff and eczema).
Prevents breakage of your hair by holding onto its moisture and protein.
Helps to protect you from head lice.
Stimulates hair- growth.

For skin
Has anti-ageing properties.
Is rich in proteins, helping your skin stay healthy.
Soothes dry skin.
Moisturizes and holds onto moisture.
Can help to improve the appearance of scarring.


For hair
A small ammount can be applied to your hair dry to help moisturize the ends and fight-off frizz.
Apply to dry hair before shampooing or even leave it in over-night for a deeply conditioning treatment.
Massage into the scalp to help treat scalp conditions and promote hair growth.
Can be mixed with other ingredients for a DIY hair mask, such as; olive oil, argan oil or eggs.

For skin
Can be used anywhere on the face and body for its amazing moisturizing and healing properties.
Can be used instead of your regular shaving gel.
To cleanse your face and remove all make-up, even stubborn eye make-up.
You can even use it to make your own body scrub buy heating some coconut oil and mixing in brown sugar or salt.

When I purchase coconut oil I always look for extra virgin coconut oil as this is the best quality and the most natural. 

Is coconut oil a staple in your hair/ beauty routine? How do you use it?

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