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Beauty Tips: 10 Time Saving Secrets

I was recently contacted by Maja to do a guest-post for my blog. I was thrilled with the idea and honoured that she wished to write for my blog. Without further ado here is her post (including a short bio).

Bio - Maja Tisma

Maja Tisma is the co-founder and editor of ShampooTruth.com blog. She works as a professional graphic designer and blogger, but she has a big passion for beauty & health. Over the recent past, she has contributed several articles about healthy lifestyle, diets, eating, fitness, and beauty on various blogs.

We all are living life at the speed of sound.  Our fast food, fast lifestyles don't leave us much time to take care of ourselves.  The best way to take care of yourself is to make time for yourself.  We have compiled a list of time saving secrets that will help you get yourself together when time isn't on your side.

1)      Too Much Product

When you are in a hurry you don't have time for all of the extras.  It is possible that leaving out the extra mousse, gel, hairspray and other products can help you create a smoother, faster, sleeker style.  If you have some frizz to your hair simply dab on a frizz easing product to smooth out your hair.  For gals with short hair, you may wake up with the ultimate bed head.  Keep a spray bottle of water handy so you can moisten and style that short cut. 

2)      See Your Stylist

This may not seem like a time saving technique but having a regular appointment with your stylist can help you save time in the mornings.  Having your hair trimmed and treated on a regular basis can help save styling time in the morning.  No more hair that is longer in one place and shorter in another resulting in putting everything up in a ponytail.  When your hair is styled and trained it will be easier to brush it and go. 

Check with your stylist to see if you can work out an ongoing appointment on a day when you know you will have some time. 

3)      It's All In The Eyes

When time is ticking away and you don't have time to do complete make-up, simply focus on your eyes.  Mascara and eyeliner can be easily put on to bring out your eyes.  You can also use a bit of blush or bronzer to brush across your cheeks and eyelids to give you a more polished look.  If you need to bring out your eyebrows simply apply a bit of eyeliner to wake them up a bit.

4)      Concealer + Moisturizer = Quick and Easy Foundation

If you use a moisturizer, you can tint it easily by adding a bit of concealer.  With a colored moisturizer there won't be any need for a heavy foundation.  Concealer is a gal's best friend when she is in a hurry.  Simply applying it in spots where uneven tones can be seen and under the eyes can help give you a glow.

5)      All-in-One Make-Up Emergency Kit

Because of our fast paced existence we know that waking up late and having little to no time to put on our make-up is going to happen every once in a while.  Why not invest in your very own make-up emergency kit?  They are actually called make-up palettes and they include everything you need in one easy kit.  These are great for dropping into your purse when you need a quick refresher.  The kits include eye shadows, lip color, face color and brushes.  You can find one that will match the make-up in your bathroom drawer perfectly.  You can even experiment with lip color on cheeks if you need to be a bit more rosy on a late morning.  You can also use eye shadows as an eyeliner by putting a bit on the tip of a brush and running it under and over you lashes.

6)       Creamy Simplicity

Make-up companies have heard our cries about our morning routines.  To help us out they have developed many cream base eye shadows, foundations and blushes.  With a simple dab of a finger or make-up sponge you can create color and glow with a minimum of effort.  The creams go on easily and aren't oily

7)      Don't Forget Your Minerals

Mineral powders work great to even out skin tones and give a polished, bright look in a flash.  They are relatively inexpensive and can save some major time in front of the mirror.  Many women have stopped using liquid foundations and use mineral powders instead along with their concealers.  Women who deal with skin conditions such as Rosacea can use mineral powders to help diminish redness and even out skin tone in a flash. 

8)      Lip Gloss – Never Out Of Style

Trying to put on lipstick in a hurry can turn out be a disaster.  Lip gloss will give you the hint of color that you are looking for with a minimum for error when you are moving as fast as you can.  There are many quality lip glosses and lip tints that are easy to apply when you are going out the door. 

9)      Dry Shampoo – Especially If Your A  Mom

If you a mom then you know showers aren't always going to happen especially when you  have kids that have decided to roll with the dog in the mud.  Dry shampoo is a must for busy moms and gals who are always on the go. Dry shampoo is great when you are traveling and you need a quick fix before a meeting.  Simply spray into your hair, brush it out and style.  Your hair is squeaky clean and you’re ready to roll. Dry shampoos come in different variations.  While there are sprays you can also pick up shampoos that are in a shower cap form.  Simply put the cap on and rub into your hair. You can then brush and style as usual.  There are also companion dry conditioners if you are looking to keep your hair extra healthy, especially if you color. Did you know that you can easily make your own homemade dry shampoo?  This is an easy, homemade hair care project that is easy, inexpensive and will leave you with a better feeling about what type of product you are using if you are looking to go all natural. 

10)    Shapely Eyebrows

If you have a standing appointment with your stylist for your hair, why not get your eyebrows done while you are there?  Shapely eyebrows can help you get a more open look to your eyes and they can be brushed with a bit of color easier than eyebrows that haven't had attention in a while. 

There are ways to scale down your morning routine and still look and feel great.  There is enough stress in the world.  Take some time to take care of yourself. 

Do you have some full proof homemade beauty tips that you would like to share? Do you have any stories that talks about how you streamlined your own morning routine? Let me know how you get everything under control by leaving a comment or striking up a conversation.  

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