Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Do's And Don'ts Of Eyebrow Styling

* I see so many girls with OTT eyebrows these days. Big, thick eyebrows are in, but the key is to make them look natural. If they don’t look natural, you’re doing it wrong. So many girls look as if they have taken a black Sharpie and drawn them on. Here are the dos and don'ts of eyebrow styling to help you get your eyebrow game strong!

The Dos of Eyebrow Styling

Do Tame Your Eyebrows Professionally

Before you use makeup or anything on your brows, it’s usually a good idea to have them done professionally first. There are an array of treatments you can choose from. There’s waxing, threading, and then the whole works with HD brows. Make sure you head to a reputable salon or spa with great reviews. Going for the cheapest will usually result in you crying for weeks over your missing brows.

Do Take Lessons or Watch Tutorials

You can get makeup lessons from salons, or you can simply watch tutorials on Youtube. Both will be very helpful in giving you tips. The aim is to make your eyebrows look naturally full, not ridiculous.

Do Practice, a Lot

It takes practice, and lots of it to get your eyebrows spot on. People who have been doing theirs for years are still trying to perfect their technique. You’ll probably want to test out lots of different products and methods until you find one that suits you.

Do Test Different Products

There are a ton of products out there, all made for different hair/skin types. There’s pencil, wax, name it, there’s something unique for your brows. Just remember, expensive doesn't necessarily mean that it’s going to be good. I’d always read reviews before splashing out. Cheap cosmetics can be just as good!

The Don'ts of Eyebrow Styling

Don’t Try To Have the Biggest, Darkest Brows

It is not a competition ladies. Let me repeat; it is not a competition. It isn’t about having the darkest, biggest eyebrows. Natural is the word to remember here!

Don’t Rush

Your eyebrows will take time to master, as mentioned before. If you’re going out, leave plenty of time to do your eyebrows. Doing them in a hurry will likely mean you end up with wonky or permanently surprised brows.

Don’t Copy Someone Else

Just because brows look good on someone else, does not mean they’ll look good on you. Different shades of pencil/wax will suit you, as will different methods. Take inspiration from somebody else, but don’t go with a particular method just for the sole reason of somebody else doing it. Also, make sure the shape you choose suits your face and features. High, arched brows won’t suit everybody. Be your own person and use your best judgement!

The Do's And Don'ts Of Eyebrow Styling

A saying that really helped me with my brows was ‘your eyebrows are sisters, not twins’. Although you should try to get them similar, you’ll never get them spot on. Don’t be frustrated. Let me know how it goes!


  1. great eyebrow tips. good brows are like an instant facelift xx

    1. Yes I agree and they are so hard to get right