Monday, 16 February 2015

Dr. Organic Lavender Shampoo And Conditioner | Review

As you all know, since I realized how bad sulphates are for my hair I have always purchased sulphate-free shampoos. My fave has to be the l'oreal hair expertise but because I have been using this religiously for about a year now I wanted to give another shampoo a try and I came across this one.

Dr. Organic Lavender Shampoo And Conditioner Review

Info from the company 

'Rich and pleasantly scented, an intense shampoo which is beneficial to all hair types and effective in preventing flaky scalp conditions. Based on Organic Lavender oil and Aloe Vera with volumising and nourishing properties to leave hair feeling strengthened, more manageable and soothing to the scalp.'


I must say this shampoo smells divine, lavender has to be my favourite scent.  After using this shampoo, before I apply my conditioner, my hair feels very dry and tangled which I do not like. Once my hair has dried though it feels lovely, soft and looks shiny.


Again this smells divine. Once I apply this to my hair then rinse, my hair feels a lot smoother and is more manageable. I also like how this is a lightweight conditioner and doesn't weigh down my hair or make it greasy at all.

Overall I am liking these products and I will continue to use them until they are empty, however, I probably won't be purchasing these again anytime soon.


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    1. Aww thanks sweetie. Yes they certainly do smell amazing.

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