Thursday, 1 January 2015

Champneys Spa Exotic Retreat Gift Set | Review

One of my Christmas gifts was a Chamneys spa gift set. I picked this out myself as I have always wanted to try a few of this their products and I thought this would be a perfect way to do so.

Exotic retreat bubble heaven

Champneys Spa Exotic Retreat Gift Set | Review

Info from the company
'This indulgent bubble bath from Champneys Exotic Retreat range fills your bath with pampering bubbles to leave skin feeling velvety soft and smooth.'

In the gift set I only received a miniature bottle, however, the full size bottle still has the exact same packaging as this one does. I like the look of this bottle, it's simple yet has an elegantly designed label. Though I found the actual bottle  to be too firm. I had to squeeze really hard to get any product out of the bottle which has now left a permanent dent in the side as you can see. I am now storing the bottle upside down so hopefully the product with run to the top and pour out easily when I come to use it next time.

I like the smell of this, it is a light florally fragrance and for some unknown reason it reminds me of my summer holidays. I have to agree with their statement above, this does leave my skin 'velvety soft and smooth' after I get out of the bath.

Overall I would re-purchase this bubble bath again in the future, however it isn't my favourite choice. 
£12.00 rrp for 400ml.

Exotic retreat body glow

Info from the company
'This pampering body glow from the Champneys Exotic Retreat range leaves skin feeling heavenly. with coconut oil, brown sugar,  bora bora sand and mango butter.'

The packaging of this Scrub is a simple plastic tub with a twist-to-open lid. I like these as they're easy to use in the bath or shower when your hands are slippery but if you do leave the lid off, water will easily get into the tub, ruining the product.

When I read the ingredient list of this I couldn't wait to use it as it sounds amazing for the skin and luxurious.  When I took a scoop of this from the tub I could instantly feel how grainy this is,  which I love as I felt like it was really doing the job of removing any dead skin cells.  Even though this is a stronger type of body Scrub, my skin wasn't dry or irritated at all.  You can feel the softness of the coconut oil and mango butter on the skin too which is lovely. 
Overall I would definitely repurchase this in the future, but again I own other  body scrubs which I prefer.
£10.00 rrp for 200ml.

Exotic retreat shower cream

Info from the company
'This sensuous shower cream from Champneys Exotic Retreat range leaves skin radiant and feeling incredibly soft.'

This product is in a plastic tube with a screw on lid.  I like this, the plastic has a thin texture so the product is easily dispensed, however, the lid can be fiddly when your hands are wet whilst bathing.

This shower cream felt really nice. It has a thick creamy texture so it moisturizes the skin whilst you shower. It also has a slight shimmer to it and the scent lasts all day, hours after showering. The only thing I didn't love about this is the florally scent can be very over bearing in this product. 
Overall I liked this shower gel and I would repurchase this, especially for special occasions, due to the scent.
£8.00 for 250ml.

Exotic retreat body cream

Info from the company
'This ultra creamy body moisturiser leaves skin delicately scented with a sensuous blend of exotic ylang ylang, relaxing sandalwood and fragrant palmarosa essential oils.  The rich and nourishing blend of exotic passionflower and coconut oils moisturise and condition, while natural plant sugars lock in hydration.'

This product comes in a plastic tub with a simple twist off lid, the same as their body Scrub.  I really like this packaging, although, if you do have longer nails the cream will get stuck underneath them when using the product.

This is one of my favourite products in the collection. It is more of a Lotion than a butter because it has a lighter consistency which I really like.  The cream soaks into the skin really quickly and again,  the scent lasts for hours after use. 
Overall I  definitely would re-purchase this as it is a nice light lotion.  
£10.00 for 175ml.

Have you tried any Champneys products? What did you think of them?


  1. Ooo they have some lovely products! I think I've only tried a body lotion but I remember it smells so rich and divine! Great review!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Thank you sweetie. I definitely want to try more products by champney's spa, although they're not my fave brand xx