Wednesday, 31 December 2014

All About Glycolic Acid | Skincare

As I promised in my previous post Nip n Fab review, I said I would write a whole post explaining glycolic acid, so here it is.
Until recently I had no idea what glycolic acid was but since hearing about it online and in magazines ive wanted to learn more. Glycolic acid is used for deep exfoliation, because of this the skin will also hold on to more moisture after using.
  • Glycolic acid is a form of alpha hydroxy acid.
  • This acid can penetrate the outer layer of skin and weaken the bond which holds dead skin cells together, helping to improve the look and feel of skin and reduces signs of ageing.  
  • Glycolic acid can also be found in chemical peels. Shop bought products containing this acid are at a much lower percentage. 
  • It can minimize pores and reduce scarring.

You can find glycolic acid in many beauty products including;
and many more.

You can also purchase glycolic acid peels to do at home although these do carry risks so I would advise going to a professional for this.

Have you heard of glycolic acid? What do you think? Does it rally do wonders for your skin?

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