Thursday, 20 February 2014

My Top Tips For a Good-Nights Sleep

This isn’t my usual type of blog but I thought it may be helpful to a lot of my readers, as I know I’m not alone when suffering with insomnia. Sleep is very important for your body and mind to repair themselves, so I thought I would share with you my night-time routine which has really been helping me sleep recently.

·        Eat three hours before bedtime. If you eat too close to your bedtime your body doesn’t have enough time to digest the food, making you feel bloated and this may disturb your sleep;

·        Have a light supper. Instead before you go to bed eat something lighter like wholemeal toast;

·        Cut out caffeine throughout the day. I love my coffee but if you can cut it out as they are high in caffeine, which will keep you awake. If you can’t resist, then have a cup in the morning time, that way by night-time the caffeine effect will have worn off;

·        A hot drink. Try a hot drink before bed like; Horlicks, milk or hot chocolate;

·        Take a nice relaxing bath. This has to be my favourite. I love to relax in the tub, it’s my time! I make it extra special for myself too; I may use ‘Lush’ bubbles, a face mask, hair mask, the list is endless;

·        Relax and unwind.  Don’t do anything that will over stimulate your mind. Try and relax in front of the tv or read a book;

·        Step away from technology. The bright screens keep your mind over stimulated for night-time. This includes; computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones;
·        Lavender. Lavender is a relaxing scent. Spritz it on your pillow or use some oil in your bath;

·       Keep your bedroom peaceful... and just for sleeping. Don’t watch tv in there for example. Read a book whilst trying to drift off instead;

·       Dim the lights. A few hours before bed I turn most of my lights off to give a more relaxed environment. When reading my book I have a a little book lamp to. I find bright lights hurt my eyes and make my brain think it is still day-time.

That is all the tips I have for a better night’s sleep. If anyone has other tips please comment below, or maybe you will even try some of mine, let me know how you get on.

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