Friday, 25 October 2013

Anatomicals Jeepers Peepers Eye Cream Review | Skincare


Info from the company

' This isn't the kind of cream that will make you obese or clog your arteries. Perfect for old bags in your life (and we don't mean the Mother-In-Law, we mean those hideous under eye bags of course), the Anatomicals Eye Cream, You Scream, We All Scream For Eye Cream Regenerating Eye Cream (£4.15, 15 ml) is as light and refreshing as a 99 cone on a hot summers day. With a delicious combination of Ginko Biloba, Liquorice, Calendula and Witch Hazel gently pat this light, refreshing, soothing and de-puffing cream around the eye area to transform your pooped out peepers in a jiffy. What's more, this eye cream is so affordable, you hardly need any lolly to buy it!’

Although I found the style of this was written to be catchy and fun, I also found it to become rather annoying and thought it felt a little 'over the top'.

When I received this product, the first thing I noticed was the packaging. The catchy slogan ' eye cream, you scream, we all scream for eye cream', really caught my attention.
The phrase on the reverse of the box is also really catchy 'you know how Ben and Jerry are the kings of the ice cream world with their crazy, zany take on everyone's favourite dessert? Well, Paul and Gary (for they are the founders of Anatomicals) are now set to become the kings of the eye cream world with their crazy, zany take on everyone's favourite beauty treatment (not frozen). Plus, no matter how much of their product you consume, it promises not to make you obese and clog up your arteries'. Again I found this to become a little 'over the top'.

I also found the the colours on the outer packaging to be rather dull, and wouldn't really catch my eye in a shop. However I LOVE the packaging of the actual cream. It's bright, girly, easy to use and looks expensive.

Anatomicals Jeepers Peepers Eye Cream Review | Skincare

My review
I'm going to be honest; my expectations for this eye cream weren't great. I've tried a whole bunch of eye creams in the past, each promising anti-ageing effects and reduced puffiness and dark circles. Each one seeming very similar to me, and pretty average- except Dermalogica's Multi-vitamin power firm (priced at £37.10 rrp, it's a bit expensive).
The first time I tried the Anatomical's Jeepers Peepers eye cream I fell in LOVE. It has a thicker more oil like consistency (rather than a thin, liquidy cream consistency), but doesn't feel heavy or clog the delicate eye area. In fact this is incredibly similar to Dermalogica's Multi-vitamin power firm if I'm being honest.

As for all of the promises this cream offers, I have noticed a slight difference in my under eye bags! Sadly though I do forget to apply this most days, so I can't really give an honest judgement on this.

Overall verdict
Would I purchase this product? Yes! I definitely would as it is one of the best eye creams I've ever used. At £4.15 it is a fraction of the cost of the Deramogica's power firm. I will definitely be choosing this in the future.


  1. This is so cheap! It's so rare to find an eye cream that cheap eeeek I want one! I love slogan on it too ahha, love when companies can have a laugh. Great reviews Laura xxxx

  2. I have an anatomical eye gel and although I don't use it often, it's great for flying or anywhere that dries your eyes out! I might have to give this a go :)

  3. Nice to read an honest review Hun even though you were given the product xx xx