Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Complete Guide To Dying Your Hair

I had an idea to do a blog about hair dyes to hopefully help people who are having problems etc. As you all know over the past few years I've always dyed my hair myself at home. The reason I choose to do this, rather than visiting a professional is because, I've lost count of how many times I've visited a salon and came away disappointed. I have been quite a lot of hair colours including, platinum blonde, deep reds and almost black. Sometimes it's gone well, other times it's gone terribly wrong. In this blog I'm going to share some things I've learnt along the way, so hopefully you guys don't make the same mistakes I did.

A few years ago I went from medium brown locks to platinum in one day. It's safe to say I had no idea what I was really doing. I bleached my hair three times in one day using Schwarzkopf Absolute Platinum. This left my hair EXTREMELY dry and damaged and stringy. It was just snapping off in chunks. It was also really patchy orange and yellow in colour. In the end my mum made me go to a salon. Here they applied a toner to turn it platinum.. I felt so ashamed because of the state my hair was in, both in condition and colour! After that I used to use, L'oreal 1010 iced blonde, about once a month. I loved this colour as it made my hair white and got rid of all brassy tones. Of course this was adding extra damage to my hair, as it contains peroxide.

·         I've found the best drug store bleach to be Jerome Russell hair lightener. If you can get to a beauty supply store (like Sally's) please do.
·         Never ever bleach your hair more than once in a single day. Wait about a week in between applications to get some condition back in the hair.
·         Expect a lot of damage! A serious hair cut will be needed after the process to get rid of the dead ends.
·         A bleach bath can be used instead of a full on bleach. This is less damaging and can be done a few days a week. Remember though this will still damage your hair somewhat. Click for more info
·         Don't have unrealistic goals like I did. You can't go from black to white hair overnight. Unless you want your hair to be completely fried. If you do want a big change, do it gradually over a few months.

Colour Remover
I've lost count of how many times I've used colour b4 over the years. I use it if I feel like I have colour build-up, or you can use it before bleaching. I love this as it has no ammonia or bleach, so only minimal damage occurs. You can also use this (I believe) up to three times continuously if you need to.

·         Personally, I've seen this happen to a lot of others, this did not take me back to my natural hair colour. It turned my hair ORANGE!
  • Apply in a well ventilated room as this stuff STINKS
  • In the instructions it says: If you are choosing to colour your hair after using this product, only use a demi-permanent (6-8 wash dye/toner). Only use a permanent dye after 2-3 weeks. The reason for this is something rather scientific. It's something to do with the products removing hair colour molecules leaving them open, and also you need to wait for the ph levels in your hair to return to normal. PLEASE DO FOLLOW THIS INSCTRUCTION. In the past I have ignored this soooo many times and my hair ALWAYS goes back to the colour I started with. Making that entire process pointless.

Unless your wanting to lighten your hair by up to two shades (which you will need a permanent as semi-permanent do not lighten your hair) use semi-permanent. So if your wanting to get your natural colour or darker use a semi-permanent hair dye. The reason I say this is because the majority of permanent dyes' contain ammonia, which is very damaging. Semi-permanent do still damage your hair though remember. Also even though they say a semi-permanent, they still NEVER fully wash out your hair. The only colour that doesn't damage your hair is a toner. Clairol do these in Boots and Superdrug (6-8 wash). My favourite semi-permanent(24 wash) hair dye is L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss.

Red hair has been incredibly popular ever since stars like Cheryl Cole and Rihanna had their hair this colour. So many times I've wanted the perfect burgundy shade but I've never quite got it right. The best red dyes I've used are:-
·         L;oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Mahogany (also Cheryl Cole's colour).
·         L;oreal Feria in scarlett power (I received a lot of compliments when I used this, but it faded VERY fast).
Clairol Extreme n Easy in ruby red (this lasted amazingly well).

And the worst red dyes I've used:-
  • Schwarzkopf Live xxl in Cyber Purple (this turned my hair black).
·         Superdrug Vibrance in cosmic purple (this also turned my hair black).
·         Crazy Colour pots- I can't remember the shade I bought, but it was the messiest dye I've ever used!
·         When going red prepare for high maintenance locks! Reds fade incredibly fast. You will need to dye your hair once a month to keep the colour fresh and stop it turning a dirty pink shade. Red shampoo helps with this and also a colour mousse (I think sell these).
·         This is a very messy job, a big clean up in the bathroom will be needed afterwards.

General tips
·         Use coconut oil before every application. This really helps to protect your hair more, causing less damage.
·         If your planning a change try using treatments a few weeks prior. This will ensure your hair is in the best condition.
·         Use an old shirt and towels. They will be ruined. Also protect the work area ie, bathroom, with newspaper. This will save you scrubbing up after.
·         Wrap your hair in cling film once your dye is applied. This helps to keep your head warm, which will speed up the process.
·         I start to apply the colour to the bottom layers of hair first, and finish at the top. The reason for this is because I find my front section of hair is more damaged. Doing it this way the dye won't be on the most damaged areas' for longer than needed.
Please do perform an allergy test 48 hours prior to application. You may end up in hospital. I've seen so many horror stories of people having allergic reactions to hair dyes'. It's easily avoided.
I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog, and I hope you found some parts of it useful. Please do let me know what you guys thought and any extra tips you may have.


  1. Great advice and some tips I always follow :-) I have never bleached my hair though always afraid too as I have heard so much stories haha xx | Shamballa Bracelet Giveaway ♥

    1. Yes you have to be really careful with bleach haha xx

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